Why choose Leesa over Purple?

What Makes Leesa Different?

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Relentlessly focused on quality

We use only the highest quality, American-made materials and obsess over every detail. The result? Deeper rest for you, and the best mattress money can buy.

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Buying from Leesa helps others

We donate one mattress for every ten we sell. With 38,000+ mattresses donated, when you buy from Leesa, you make a real difference.

Leesa or Purple?


Product Performance

High-performance foam cooling top layer in all mattresses


Can "hyper-elastic polymer" promote airflow?!

Social Impact

One mattress donated for every ten sold, over 38,000+ mattresses donated to over 1,000 nonprofits. 



Expert Review

Wirecutter's Best Foam Mattress out of 40 mattresses tested


Not liked by Wirecutter: "difficult to move, costs more"


Proud Certified B Corp®, voted Best for the World and Best for Changemaker



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Third party reviewers love the Leesa mattress more than the Purple mattress:

“I suggest you grab the Leesa if you want a well-balanced mattress for a good and reasonable price. It's a mattress with great value, plus it can accommodate different sleeping positions easily.”

– Girl on the Mattress

"We would recommend the Leesa to people who want flawless value for their cash, want a universal feel, are looking for the perfect balance, and are into charity."


– Sleep Advisor

Sleep Advisor has much more to say about Leesa, too:

Perfect Balance - “The mattress brings a great balance throughout the entire surface. What is more, it is capable of accommodating different sleeping preferences. It would be a nice option regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back or you are an avid belly sleeper.”

Charity - “Leesa has a sertious donation policy where 1 unit per each 10 sold goes to homeless shelters and to anyone who might need. The program has already managed to donate more than 5,000 beds. This is definitely quite impressive.”

Leesa is Wirecutter's pick for the best foam mattress, but here's what they've got to say about Purple:

"The [Purple] mattress is about 30 pounds heavier than our main pick—so more difficult to move—and also costs $50 to $400 more. Additionally, we think the company makes some outlandish and unsubstantiated claims."

Reviews Disclaimer - As a B Corp™-certified company focused on honesty and transparency, all of the customer reviews featured above are from verified Leesa customers, and all stated opinions are their own.

100 night<br>risk-free trial

100 night
risk-free trial

Free shipping<br> & returns

Free shipping
& returns

One donated for <br>every ten sold

One donated for
every ten sold

Made in<br> the USA

Made in
the USA

Whether its quality, company social impact or customer expert reviews, we think you'll agree: Leesa is the better new mattress. Try one for 100 nights risk-free and see for yourself.

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