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Spend 1 Bedless Night for a child in need

Leesa is on a mission to end childhood bedlessness. Join our 1 Bedless Night challenge to raise awareness of the lack of quality rest 1 in 5 children in poverty experience every night. For every person who gives up their bed for one night and shares their experience on Instagram, Leesa will donate a mattress to a child in need.

Event Timeline: November 23rd – November 29th

How to get involved:

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1. Go bedless for a night

Forego the comfort of your bed for 1 night & sleep on your floor or in the backyard.

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2. Share your experience

Take a photo or video of your bedless setup & share on Instagram using #1BedlessNight and tagging @leesasleep.

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3. Challenge your friends

Tag at least 3 friends in your post & challenge them to join the challenge! The more hashtags used, the more beds we'll donate.

1 in 5 children in the US experience poverty, which is the highest risk factor to getting good sleep.

We make the bed, you make the difference We make the bed, you make the difference

1 in 5 Children in the US live in poverty. We work with 1,000+ partners locally and nationally to ensure that children & families in need have a safe place to sleep.

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